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  • 15 octobre - Jauniaux/Charles/Mariage - Draguignan

    Trois musiciens se rencontrent autour d’un livre de Marguerite Duras. Trois personnages, inventés, inspirent une musique, une pulsation, une harmonie... au travers de leurs silhouettes, de leurs relations, de leurs déplacements, de l’espace dans lequel ils se trouvent, entre la mer, eux, et une idée de la civilisation.


Catherine Jauniaux : voice, objects
Xavier Charles : clarinet
Jean-Sébastien Mariage : guitar

Three musicians gather together around a book by Marguerite Duras. Three characters invent, inspire music, pulsation, harmony....with their silhouettes, their relationships, their movements, from the space where they are, between the sea, themselves and a certain idea of civilization .

A triangular composition which takes on a form, deforms then reforms, at the whim of the tides. Music which tells of the wandering of souls on the brink of existence. Dashes, dots, layers, hidden melodies and words, shown clashes – accoustic of course, so as to meet in the simplest of ways : playing and being together.

This unusual trio will certainly surprise us with its fluidity of sound, its generosity of feeling and its lovers’ conviction.

Voice, clarinette and guitar... are they not the perfect instruments to lead us towards those reveries? An alliance of organic, wooden and metallic matter... Is sound capable of doing this? We shall see.

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