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ANNULÉ —> 2 avril - Cosseron/Mariage - Graz

Interpenetration - Club Vakum
Griesgasse 25/1. Stock, 8020 Graz
April 2

Guylaine Cosseron : voice
Jean-Sébastien Mariage : guitar

The Cosseron/Mariage duet visits the in-between, not the sound but its meaning. It is the association and only of these two musicians that will define a sound object, aesthetic, ethic ; for here everyone works elsewhere, limiting by their respective sounds an empty environment, free to any interpretation. Their only desire is to create this link which by its mixture, its whirling, will reveal a form which, whatever one says, always presents itself as an end. Attached exclusively to this attempt, they allow each listener to see better than them even what will come out of it, not with certainty, but on the contrary, with the distance to oneself that imposes itself then.

Guylaine Cosseron and Jean-Sébastien Mariage are key players in the French improvised music scene, as well as European and international music. Together they have traveled the world for fifteen years, presenting their singular vision of improvisation while risking numerous meetings with other international artists. By this they explore not hypothetical differences in cultural identities, but the fertile tension revealed by the gap of civilizations. From this "between" comes a new set, unique to the shared moment, whose vocation is to create a unique listening ground.

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