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4 juin - „discussions”: about everything! Blonk œ Bode œ Jauniaux œ Moss - Moers Festival

Begin: 04.06.2017, 19:47 o’clock

„discussions”: about everything! Blonk œ Bode œ Jauniaux œ Moss (NL, DE, BE, US)

Discussions: about everything!
Panel discussion: Are festivals still relevant to our times?

Four artists who should know tackle the topic.

There’s David Moss, who opened up new horizons at moers festival with the New York noise scene of the 1980s, and Belgian Catherine Jauniaux, who belonged to the New York scene of the 1990s assembled around Fred Frith and Tom Cora. Then there’s Dutch vocal acrobat, Dadaist and sound artist Jaap Blonk, who always knows just how to express himself on all manner of topics. And finally there’s recorder virtuoso, singer and performance artist Kim José Bode, a representative of an up-and-coming generation which is meeting today’s challenges in the boundary areas between genres and performance opportunities.

Link : Site du festival

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