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Supersonic cet été

Thomas DE POURQUERY : saxophone alto, voix
Laurent BARDAINNE : saxophones ténor, baryton
Fabrice MARTINEZ : trompette, électronique
Arnaud ROULIN : piano, synthés
Fréderick GALIAY : basse, électronique
Edward PERRAUD : batterie

Le 23 juillet à Manchester
Manchester jazz festival
The extraordinary French musicians assembled here to play the music of Sun Ra come from as many diverse backgrounds and styles as were epitomised by Sun Ra – the maverick experimental composer-pianist, cosmic philosopher and pioneer of Afro-futurism.
Although these musicians evolved through contemporary music, rock and electro, they are above all great jazz players, with a love of trance, melody and improvisation – the essence of the music played by this band. Supersonic brings together songs that have a universal dimension that speaks to everyone. Far from tribute or imitation, the band’s music tells their own story through this fabulously idiosyncratic material: the story of six Supersonic musicians, led by this most enigmatic of creative artists from today’s French music scene.
Wild and raw, joyful and urgent with bags of character – do not miss this opportunity to hear the band’s sole UK performance.

Le 5 aout au festival "Musiques del monts" (66)

Le 13 aout à Lisbonne
Festival Jazz em augusto

Le 23 aout au festival METEO (Mulhouse)
co plateau avec Archie Shepp (saxophone) et Joachim Kühn (piano)

Le 27 aout au jazz festival Saalfelden (Autriche)

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