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Jean-Sébastien Mariage


Beyond a few famous guitarists (amplified) in the history of jazz, the great development of sound qualities of the electric guitar was mainly initiated by rock guitarists, often through unconscious and unpremeditated experiences. But the possibilities that these musicians have proved are today consciously extended by many avant-garde guitarists who can not be assimilated to rock or jazz or electronic music, but are in the center of development and concerns of all these musical forms, with as an anchor point: improvisation. Jean-Marc Montera, Stephan Wittwer and now Jean-Sébastien Mariage are, among others, part of this family of musicians who perpetuate the clearing and in one way or another, using new technologies or new materials are developing the instrument, transcend it, open it to unexpected sound, to unsuspected music. From Hendrix to Bailey, the electric guitar has become an instrument able to call into question preconceived notions about the real nature of music and sound and its true artistic and political functions.
Théo Jarrier

An imposing sound, a biting distortion, shrill and massive attacks, living disruptions, almost tactile materials. The proof that there is still and always to make with this stringed instrument.
Jérome Noetinger

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  • Biography

    Né à Paris en 1973 et grandi en banlieue middle class, c’est sur les cordes à linge au fond du jardin que Jean-Sébastien Mariage s’initie à la (...)

  • Discography

    Hubbub : - “Ub/Abu” / For Four Ears, Suisse 2000 - “Hoop Woop“ / Matchless Recordings, Londres 2001 - "Hoib" / Matchless Recordings, Londres 2004 (...)

  • Cappozzo/Mariage/Duboc

    Your user agent does not support the HTML5 Video element. The music is very improvised, quite unique and rather unexpected: we found ourselves (...)

  • Dieu

    Your browser does not support the audio element. Your browser does not support the audio element. Jean-Sébastien, Heddy et Mathias jouent (...)

  • Lauro/Mariage

    Audrey L and Jean-Sébastien M met to begin this duo after a concert in Paris, a recording followed in the next months. With trust and complicity (...)

  • Chamæleo Vulgaris

    Jean-Sébastien Mariage : guitare électrique Frederick Galiay : basse électrique Créé en 1993, Chamæleo Vulgaris est une formation ayant oscillé (...)

  • Solos - Jean-Sébastien Mariage

    Some solo recording since 2000

  • Baise en Ville

    Natacha Muslera : voice Jean-Sébastien Mariage : electric guitar "Une chanteuse, un guitariste : histoire classique a priori. Baise en ville (...)

  • Oort

    David Chiesa, double bass Jean-Sébastien Mariage, acoustic guitar “All that I know, all that I see, all that I listen, I choose and structure (...)

  • Sisyphe

    Catherine Jauniaux : voice Jean-Sébastien Mariage : electric guitar Frederick Galiay : electric bass Mathias Pontevia : horizontal drums By (...)

  • Hubbub

    Frédéric Blondy - Bertrand Denzler - Jean-Luc Guionnet - Jean-Sébastien Mariage - Edward Perraud 1999 First meeting 2000 Théâtre sur le Pavé (...)

  • L’Amour

    Catherine Jauniaux : voice Xavier Charles : clarinet Jean-Sébastien Mariage : Three musicians gather together around a book by Marguerite Duras. (...)

  • Pontevia/Mariage

    Jean-Sébastien Mariage : guitare Mathias Pontevia : batterie

  • Makhno

    Jean-Sébastien Mariage, electric guitar David Chiesa, electric bass Mickaêl Radke, drums Frénétiquement  sonore, électriquement explosif, il (...)

  • Zoor

    Bertrand Denzler : tenor saxophone Jean-Sébastien Mariage : electric guitar Antonin Gerbal : drums ZOOR est une zone sonore imaginaire, un (...)

  • Jauniaux/Mariage

    Catherine Jauniaux : voix Jean-Sébastien Mariage : guitare Catherine Jauniaux et Jean-Sébastien Mariage collaborent dans deux projets : (...)