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Audrey Lauro : saxophone alto
Jean-Sébastien Mariage : guitare

Audrey L and Jean-Sébastien M met to begin this duo after a concert in Paris, a recording followed in the next months. With trust and complicity they explore from the beginning sound territories, creating strange atmospheres ...."with simplicity" … far from any demonstrative use of their instruments.

This "slow motion music" finds its tension in the purpose’s fragility. Mainly used techniques are rarely "extended", sounds paint their way through the strange affinity between space and time.

Audio extract recorded in july 2015 :

Brussels-based alto saxophonist Audrey Lauro grew up studying composition, jazz and contemporary music. For years she’s been active in experimental music and particularly improvisation, constantly questioning the language of her instrument, from the phrase to sound event through all kind of atoms and particles . Since 2012 she curates the festival Wolves Stories in Brussels dedicated to the female improv scene, "a portrait of women through music, texts, films and experiment". Since 2013 she regularly works with the innovative production platform/ensemble for multidisciplinary music projects ChampdAction
performing in two important productions of the collective :
Hold your Horses - Grand Opera de Trash 1 - 2013 -
Hrzchmrz - Grand Opera de Trash 2 - 2015

Link : Le site internet d’Audrey Lauro

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