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  • 10 mars - Godjira - Paris

    Deux basses électriques dans le même ampli-totem-monolythique, creusant dans la matière, font (re)naître l’ultime dinosaure théropode radioactif Godjira.

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Frederick Galiay

Basse électrique, composition, images.


Gaël Cordaro - Frederick Galiay

Gaël Cordaro on electric guitar and Frederick Galiay on electric bass and vocals form the duo MUD. The two artists have been working together for over a decade in sound design in various settings : cinema, events, installations and performances.

MUD’s influences are numerous and varied, and express themselves essentially in a free-form music woven from radically singular material.

Gaël Cordaro, electric guitarist, has been focusing on the sound and rough organic matter of early blues since his childhood. He now confronts those blues with the ever evolving musical trends of his time, notably through various collaborations, such as with CHAMÆLEO VULGARIS as a sound designer.

Frederick Galiay, composer and electric bassist, performs regularly on the improvisation circuit with many other musicians, and is passionate about musical plurality. Founding member of BIG (drum & bass) and BIG POP with Edward Perraud, he’s currently writing for WINTER MASS with J. Didonato & Sayoko, and for PEARLS OF SWINES with S. Murcia, G. Coronado and F. Vaillant.

Contact : wmud@free.fr

Photo : Dorothy Shoes

Brilliant Misfortune :

There’s No Hell :

Small At The End :

The Drag :

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Photo : Dorothy Shoes

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