• 06 octobre - ONCEIM - Théâtre de Vanves

    Theatre de Vanves • mercredi 6 oct. 2021 • 20 heures
    Motus et l’Onceim ont commandé aux compositeurs Jean-Luc Guionnet et Vincent Laubeuf des pièces inspirées par la rencontre de leurs orchestres insolites.
  • 24 mai - ONCEIM - Moers

    Lundi 24 mai, L’ONCEIM jouera les pièces Laminaire et Occam Ocean au festival Moers (Allemagne).
  • 18 avril - ONCEIM - Genève

    Patricia Bosshard Sillons (2018) pour 27 musiciens improvisateurs
    Eliane Radigue Occam Ocean (2015) pour grand ensemble instrumental
    Ensemble Contrechamps ONCEIM

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Big (drum&bass)


Frederick Galiay : Bass
Edward Perraud : Drums

Gazul records - 2013 - Ref. GA8861 - Distribution Musea

Old ocean
ki-sikil lil-là
Riding a dead horse

Total duration 50’

Download full album

Recorded at studio Py Paris 2012 by Arnaud Pichard & Gilles Sohier
Mixed by Arnaud Pichard & Frederick Galiay
Mastering by Marwan Danoun at Galaxy studios Belgium

Old ocean

photo cover : Morgane Paoli & Frederick Galiay
photo inside : Edward Perraud
Artwork : Frederick Galiay
Graphism : EDITh WEBer
Produced by Big

For fifteen years, Frederick GALIAY and Edward PERRAUD (SHUB-NIGGURATH) invent and improvise an abstract music, working with a strange and surprising symbiosis. BIG doesn’t care about categories: its music expresses the freedom of being beyond all styles or families.
Published in the year 2013 on the Gazul/Musea label, "Apokálupsis" displays an extreme musical strength. The name of the album is a Greek term meaning "Unveiling" or "Revelation".
Here’s pure energy Drum N’ Bass, bringing the listener back to the original pulse: it reminds us that music is a matter of breathing and life above all. Not to be missed !

Link : Big

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