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Bertrand Denzler / ONCEIM

“Morph” is a “pseudo-drone” piece, the overall sound of the ensemble or orchestra being structured by the decisions the musicians have to take in order to keep this sound alive while moving in a small, pre-established musical perimeter, and by the acoustic phenomena resulting from these decisions.

ONCEIM has been founded by Frédéric Blondy in 2012 and brings together 30 musicians (24 on this recording). ONCEIM has by now played compositions by Frédéric Blondy, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Sébastien Beliah, Arnaud Rivière, Bertrand Denzler and Stephen O’Malley as well as improvisations. “Morph” is ONCEIM’s first release. The names of the musicians can be found on ONCEIM’s website.

Confront CCS 37

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