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Chamæleo Vulgaris

Jean-Sébastien Mariage : electric guitar
Frederick Galiay : electric bass

Created in 1993, Chamæleo Vulgaris is a band having oscillated between two and ten musicians, before being resolved, as initially, as a duet : Frederick Galiay plays the bass and Jean-Sébastien Mariage the guitar (few members were B. Denzler et G. Roggi, F. Vaillant, H. Koch, H. Poulsen, M. Collignon, O. Benoit, D. Ashour…).

Both amplifiers face each other, both musicians are in the center, the public goshawk. The principle of the installation is to establish the most direct contact between the gesture and the sound, the string and the loudspeaker. The electric sound is an organic, acoustic matter in the full sense : guitar, bass and amplifiers (without any addition of pedals of effects or digital electronics), are not separated, but are the same instrument.

The sound limits of the instrumentarium are deliberately repelled, its ambitus is widened. The sound is bitter, full, precise. The dichotomy suited between improvisation and composition is considered as invalid: Chamæleo Vulgaris composes spontaneously, real time, sound frescoes where the moment is an urgency, and the time construction.

After "Dans la Chair" (1997), "Ouverture facile" (1999), "Les Falaises", "Toter Hirsch" (2000), "Inversus Doxa" (2001) and "Rebut" (2003), a new project is just recorded: "Reset", witch, after a sound recording break, many concerts, and a consequent number of parallel projects, is a restart of a work which reaches its almost twenty years.

In this section

  • Morphème

    First version recorded at GRM studio - november 2013 : MORPHÈME #1 is a composition by Frederick Galiay for (...)

  • Press

    This kind of music smells like the future. Richard Cochrane, musings This is a formidable chunk of sound from the outer edges. Robert (...)

  • Video extract from a private concert in Mosset summer 2011

    Extract 1 Video : Olivier Caillard Photo : Morgane Paoli

  • Reset

    Acheulian Handaxe records (NYC), 2011. Ref : AHA 1003 available on the website 1 Pūjā 02’59" 2 Skhêma 03’14" 3 Pshat 13’16" 4 Boo (...)

  • Souffle Continu - Nov10

    Extract of 1 minute from the concert at "Souffle Continu" on the 12th of November 2010.

  • Chamæleo Vulgaris plays Romero

    La Nuit des morts vivants, film passé culte dès sa sortie en 1968, est le tout premier film réalisé par George A. Romero, âgé de 28 ans. D’avis de (...)

  • Concert at St-Merri’s church (Paris)

    29 Mai 2009

  • Toter Hirsch

    This recording has been released during a concert at Mortcerf, near Paris, in the hudgly big shed of "Frantz" in 1999. Audio file (mp3, 68Mo), (...)

  • Les Falaises

    "Les Falaises" était un lieu alternatif dans le 18éme arrondissement de paris, sur la butte montmartre. Une équipe très organisée et motivée a permis (...)