• Confiné - Jean-Sébastien Mariage

    Durant le confinement j’ai repris la guitare classique et j’ai monté un petit répertoire sans autre ambition que le plaisir de la musique et du travail de l’instrument.
    Vous trouverez ici quelques unes des pièces que j’ai enregistrées.

Concerts passés



Claire Bergerault : accordion, voice
Jean-Sébastien Mariage : electric guitar

Extracts recorded in mai 2017 at TAP in Poitiers :

Extreme slowness
This is the only instruction that Claire and Jean-Sebastien did not impose themselves, but which presented itself as an obviousness.
The fear that nothing comes to create tension will be precisely the breeding ground of events.
It is then that a detail, tiny, arises, as by an accident on a course yet rectilinear but tense. It will trigger a fall, a vertigo, in which we will have no choice but to immerse ourselves. This dust of variation will then become immense, and will constitute the subject of the sound.
This radical stretch, rather than disperse the constitutive elements of the sound, highlights others, hidden a priori, finally numerous, which will reveal as many surprises that the two musicians will seize as a chance.

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