• 08 décembre - Solo Jean-Sébastien Mariage - Marcq-en-Barœul

    Jean-Sébastien Mariage, guitariste formé à l’improvisation par Patricio Villaroel, développe de nouvelles techniques et matériaux qui font évoluer son instrument, le transcendent, l’ouvrent à des sonorités inattendues, à des musiques insoupçonnées.
  • 11 décembre - ONCEIM + Phil Minton et Audrey Chen - Pantin

    Minton et Chen explorent les profondeurs de leurs instruments les plus intrinsèques et les plus corporels. Leurs improvisations sont sans peur, fragiles, affamées, passionnées, déchaînées, ululantes et animales, mais sont également à tous égards humaines.
  • 12 décembre - ONCEIM + Jacques Perconte - Pantin

    Perconte est le premier artiste à avoir travaillé sur les codecs de compression vidéo pour en faire une technique esthétique. Il manipule les technologies d’encodage et de stockage des images numériques pour créer des paysages magiques sous forme de contes colorés.

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Jean-Luc Cappozzo : trumpet
Jean-Sébastien Mariage : guitar
Benjamin Duboc : double bass

The music is very improvised, quite unique and rather unexpected : we found ourselves in uncharted territories, not to return. We’re enjoying it. Sweet insanity...

"As for clues, only two words in a non-introductory presentation : TO BE. SLOWNESS. That’s short somehow, but no worries as to what they will coax out of this... Because those three rogue artists never fail to illumine every single project they partake in. Each one of them brings his own workmanship, his own words, his own being. Precisely, by dint of a singular way of being, in music as in life. That’s it - basically, a human story. That’s what obviously connects the three of them. That might be the case with any improvised meeting, of course : more often than not, the adventure is as much of a prerequisite as the musical intention. But on their part, they fully assume it. This is not an attempt to playing together, but really to exist together. Sharing spaces, without ever forestalling the other’s place. Let it go. Let it happen. Well - improvise ! Natural music - sort of, like those wines who require minimal intervention in the making. And Time, then. The main ingredient in this new feast. Slowness - not a purpose in itself, even less of a watchword. Slowness - because they have to take that time. Never rush beauty if you want it to ripen."
Jazz à Poitiers

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