• 06 octobre - ONCEIM - Théâtre de Vanves

    Theatre de Vanves • mercredi 6 oct. 2021 • 20 heures
    Motus et l’Onceim ont commandé aux compositeurs Jean-Luc Guionnet et Vincent Laubeuf des pièces inspirées par la rencontre de leurs orchestres insolites.
  • 30 octobre - Volumes II - Montreuil

    Fiction musicale et chorégraphique - création pour grand orchestre et corps actants
    Samedi 30 octobre - 20h30
    Théâtre Municipal Berthelot - Jean Guerrin

Concerts passés


Richard Comte / Jean-Sébastien Mariage


A guitarist, a guitar, a cable, an amplifier, all in two copies. No effects pedals or other filters here, yet so dear to this instrument. Here is the equipment of this duo, as a double, or as a meta-guitar, whose we do not differentiate one but the whole.
The music results from an imitation ceaselessly put in defeat, eliminating the possibility of the intention, the legibility of the gesture, and even the conscious will of musicality.
The timbres, the attacks, the resonances ... mingle, forming a vertigo which forces to concentrate elsewhere, to forget to decrypt, and imposes the letting go.
Strokes, dots, lines, areas ... as only tools.
The expression of an individual identity, usual spring of improvisation, is here absent, giving free rein to the hazards of the moment, of the state that is crossed together.
Guitar, yes, that’s what we’ll hear here.

Richard Comte : http://www.richardcomte.com/Richard...
Jean-Sébastien Mariage : http://www.inversus-doxa.fr/-Jean-S...

Photo : guitar string under a microscope

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